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Our membership-based community aims to support a collaborative environment for social and economic well-being. The community is augmented by an online platform as well as in-person gatherings where geographies permit. It is inspired by the nine principles of blue zones, and the principles by which members of intentional communities live and enjoy enhanced health – mentally, socially, and relationally. Additionally, WellnessVie is inspired by our own personal philosophy that everyone merits space and the opportunity to flourish.

Wellness to us means putting energy towards having greater equanimity, stability, and supportiveness, independently, and in community. It includes personal and community empowerment, success on personal terms, and work-life balance. In the human body, when one part is not functioning properly, the rest may feel unwell. This applies to our personal lives – and business too! We believe the key factors which contribute to living a long, vibrant and balanced life are continued personal development, health (physical, mental, emotional), positive relationships, connection to spirituality, and financial wellness.

A vibrant community with these principles is counter to the status-quo scarcity mindset of our society developed over 1000’s of years. It transitions us from competition to collaboration. WellnessVie is a source of motivation, education, inspiration, and application. It is nourished by DIVERSITY: a diverse group of people that represents a variety of genders, ethnicities, sexualities, classes, and abilities, and thus, naturally grows a wider and more creative range of ideas.

WellnessVie was originally created by Judith L. Harrison, Registered Psychotherapist, author, trainer and speaker. She is first and foremost a human behaviour specialist.  Her track record of helping people navigate a path from where they are to successfully achieve a “life by design” rather than by default, is best described by the words of a workshop participant: “Underneath the beauty of you and your words, Underneath the fun and energy and entertainment,
And Underneath your wit and intelligence and hunger for more…Is the core of love for life and earth and the creator who had the idea of giving us you.”

For a full list of membership benefits or to join our community, please see our ‘Become a Member’ page.

Please Note: WellnessVie will not be hosting or endorsing any in-person gatherings during the Covid-19 crisis.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Vision

A connected world, where success and wellness are equally valued and found through collaboration and shared leadership.

Wellness Vie

Exploring and sharing techniques and practices designed
to elevate awareness and improve overall functioning in life.

Our Values

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good conversation
Active Listening
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Our Philosophy

Your challenge, as a human, is to live your life with equanimity. Therefore, it behooves you to articulate a coherent set of values and then live by them. In other words – be intentional, purposeful, and accountable to your internal compass as a point of reference. – Judith L. Harrison

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