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George Floyd Mural

We’re in a Moment That Highlights The Fault Lines in Society

Feeling a summons to attend to the complex and deeply disturbing treatment of humans by other humans, I refer you to my shared thoughts as beautifully written by a fellow Psychotherapist,  Ester Perrel who writes:“We’re in a moment that highlights the fault lines in our society.    I ask you to consider the difference between solidarity and

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Essential Oils – An Overview

I had the privilege of presenting a talk on Essential Oils at the WellnessVie Community Hour on Saturday May 23rd.Here are the highlights. What are Essential Oils?* Essential Oils are the plant’s life blood; they contain the life force, intelligence and vibrational energy of the plant that permeates them with healing power that works for people. They

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Lisa Reaume - Learning State

The Learning State

How to Relax an Overactive Mind Do you ever have times when you find it difficult to relax due to an overactive mind? We constantly play mini picture-shows or movies in our head, recalling past events, recalling past conversations, hearing the audio from the conversation over and over. Either we are recalling or remembering events

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food, diet

Forks Over Knives

There is a crisis in America – diseases costing over $120 Billion each year (as quoted by former First Lady Michelle Obama).

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Food Matters

There is nothing new that wasn’t new already in the time of Hippocrates who said “Let food be thy medicine..”. It is said that 1/4 of the food we eat keeps us alive and 3/4’s of what we eat keeps our doctors alive…

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the perfect diet

Food Inc.

When in history have we spent so much time thinking, talking, reading, writing about food and still have so much confusion and health challenges related to nutrition AND, more importantly, why is this? This trailer may provide some clues.

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meditation prayer

The Relationship Between Breathing and Anxiety

For the past three years I have struggled with a surprising onset of respiratory challenges. As with all challenges, there comes as well a plethora of opportunities for reactions, responses, and, if we have an open mind, new discoveries. Sometimes these discoveries are as close as the skin we live in – it is the

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life by design

Life by Design: Reading a Script or Being a Story

“The achiever’s shadow is addiction to winning, fueled by the never-ending desire for more. Underneath, s/he has an even stronger fear of losing.” P. 121, The Soul of Leadership, Deepak Chopra. If we choose to never fail, we are guaranteed to fail to grow and fully own the authorship of the life we have been

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Words UNSPOKEN Communicate

Communication for Connection – much more than the words we say. The words we speak represent less than 10% of the message delivered. Even when we use words, it’s not just the words we say that matter – it’s the tone of our voice, facial expressions, or even the shapes we make with our bodies. The body knows and doesn’t

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Life giving

A Life Worth Living: Are Your CHOICES Life-Giving?

A recent quote I came across says: “ Life begins AT THE END of your COMFORT ZONE” …and, as well, in a recent Mindfulness Movement and Meditative Mastery class series I am conducting, we touched in upon an exercise of reflection on CREATIVITY. This spawned an exploration of what is CREATIVITY as well as what

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