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WellnessVie is a Collaborative Community that is dedicated to helping you find and create partnerships for gaining insight and awareness about healthy living and ethical and sustainable business.

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Wellness Vie


The WellnessVie Community is a space for those who share these values. The creator of WellnessVie, Judith L Harrison, has never experienced a networking group the way she envisions WV. This is a group that is more than just about selling our services and products.

This community aims to have greater diversity among its members, representing a variety of genders, ethnicities, sexualities, classes, and abilities; a group that will naturally come up w a wider and more creative range of ideas.


  • Community engagement vehicle,
  • Collaborative/co-operative space (virtual, physical, mental, and emotional),
  • A place for businesses, professionals & practitioners to meet and enhance each other’s contribution to our society,
  • A source of ethical, sustainable and caring businesses and organizations for the public.
  • Idealistic and hopeful in our belief that small actions taken by many create great change – and we take those actions!


  • Just another business/referral network,
  • A wishful thinking place
  • A group of idealists intent on simply visualizing rather than making it happen.


Entrepreneurs who:

  • Are tired of doing business-as-usual according to the status-quo: working really hard and not getting traction, or using existing methods and getting frustrated by poor results and a lack of a sense of wellbeing.
  • Are interested in a collaborative, non-competitive business model style

And, Individuals who:

  • Are looking for more consciousness, satisfaction, and sustainability in personal life, and collectively in the local and global community.
  • Believe they have a significant stake in the world we live in.
  • Are Innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers.
  • Are interested in radical well-being.
  • Are looking for services and products that are more ethical, sustainable and are acquired through collaboration, respect, and kindness.
  • Are living for purpose, zest, creativity, and belonging.


As a member of WellnessVie, Entrepreneurs receive:

  • Access to a platform to amplify your business’ or organizations’ exposure through
    • WellnessVie posts about you through Facebook, Instagram, and our website
    • Cross-promotion
    • Increased digital analytics
    • Build out your web presence
    • Special offers that are uniquely yours
    • The WellnessVie Facebook Group (You will receive an invite to join!)
    • Opportunities to participate in events as host, presenter, workshop leader or participant
  • Access to the WellnessVie Membership Portal
    • Create a profile for your business that other businesses and individuals will see.
    • Discover and communicate with other trusted and reliable professionals
  • Network and leverage collaboratively within a committed community, through:
    • Meetups and Sizzler events for members
    • Community focused events and programs
    • The WellnessVie Facebook Group

As a member of WellnessVie, Individuals (all members) receive:

  • Access to the WellnessVie Membership Portal
    • Discover and communicate with trusted and reliable professionals
    • Includes a resource centre with educational tools, guest speakers, community events, and more
  • An invitation to the WellnessVie Facebook Group where you can participate in stimulating discussions that will encourage you to grow.
  • A place to belong and be heard, amplifying the volume of what you want others to hear about, participate in, and flourish by.
  • Discounts to other member’s services.
  • Accountability, through structures to support your best intentions and commitments
  • Opportunities to learn skills and grow as people in community.
  • Support from the WellnessVie leadership team
  • The opportunity to provide input on what it means to be a member – WellnessVie is intended to be for members, informed by members.


Be a part of a culture that involves visioning, problem-solving, inspiring, consciously creating and leading! 

How to Become a Wellness Vie Member

Coming Together

Invest in your future and your community. 

$349.00 +HST Annual Business Membership Investment.

$129.00 + HST Annual Personal Membership Investment.

Our Mission

Becoming a Member of  Wellness Vie is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

  1. Click “Apply Here” and complete the form.  
  2. One of our team members will review your responses and either approve your request or be in touch for a greater conversation.
  3. You will receive an approval notification with a link for payment of your membership dues. 
  4. Once payment is received, you are free to update your member profile, submit articles and post events to the community.