Terms & Conditions

In order to preserve the essence of our collaboration within WellnessVie and our contribution to our greater community, we provide the following Terms and Conditions of use:

  1. All memberships are for one year from the date the membership is approved.
  2. WellnessVie reserves the right to refuse membership to applicants that it deems unsuitable for this community.
  3. WellnessVie reserves the right to remove members from the directory in the event of misconduct or if the member is otherwise found to be unsuitable for this directory after the membership is made public. Refund of membership dues is at the sole discretion of Wellnessvie Management.
  4. Please note that WellnessVie and its principals will make every attempt to ensure you receive value for your selected membership which may include contacting you to encourage your participation in and collaboration with the community.
  5. WellessVie and it’s principals are NOT responsible or liable for the completeness, accuracy or usefulness of the information contained on this website.
  6. WellnessVie DOES NOT endorse products or services advertised on this site or through links. Links are provided for information only.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us.